Does Piggy Get Eaten In Lord Of The Flies (2023)

English High School


Answer 1

Piggyfalls off the cliff and is also washed out into the sea.

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Compare scouts relationship with uncle jack (atticuss brother to her relationship with aunt alexandra (atticuss sister. describe why she does not relate to aunt alexandra.


Scout and Jem, for most of the novel, don't really like Aunt Alexandra. Their Aunt comes from the old southern school of etiquette. She does not approve of how Atticus is raising his children. She feels that they have far too much freedom to play and state their opinions. Aunt Alexandra feels that Scout, in particular, does not act like a proper young lady.

Jack is fatherly, but Scout feels she can confide in him; he
keeps her secrets and she trusts him.

Where does it mention curley dislike lennie?


Curley behaves threateningly to Lennie. When he leaves, Candy explains that Curley, who is short, hates big guys like Lennie out of jealousy. George says that however tough Curley may be, he will be sorry if he picks a fight with Lennie, who is incredibly strong.

When writing, how many words can you fit on a loose leaf?


This is one of those questions, which, while likely having a finite answer, has no real concrete or useful answer.
Minimum number is, of course, 1. (To my mind, while zero is a number there has to be something to have it count, even if it's the word A.)
The maximum READABLE number of words, without any special optical equipment other than ordinary reading glasses...maybe 300.

What is the english name for the week before easter?


Holy Week I think the answer

What does so we beat on boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into the past?


These words conclude the novel and find Nick returning to the theme of the significance of thepastto dreams of the future, here represented by the green light.

What does my feelings are all over the place mean?


You have mixed feelings

What does mr. underwood mean about tom's death?


In his editorial Mr. Underwood calls Tom's death a "senseless slaughter of a songbird"; this of course ties directly into the title of the novel. Tom is an innocent mockingbird killed by ignorance, injustice and bigotry. Mr. Underwood is a man who lives by his own rules. Printing this, however, puts his business and himself in jeopardy. Mr. Underwood feels very strongly about this travesty of justice.

What does anne think about the dutch people helping jews hide?


Anne is very impressed by the Dutch people who are helping Jews hide because they are risking their own life's in attempt to save others.

What did the chief elder do before announcing asher's assignment in the giver?



The chief elder shared a story about how as a three he had confused snack and smack.

What did chillingworth find on dimmesdale's chest?


He finds a scar in the shape of an "A" on his chest. You really aren't supposed to find this out until later in the book. It gets revealed in the end of the book. I can't remember the entire book, but if I remember correctly somewhere toward the end of the book, Hester and Dimmesdale both stand on a scaffold with their "A" showing.

What are those things on top of a car called?


Roof racks? roof? antenna? light in some cases?

2.Explain why it is important for producers to conduct market research. Give at least one example of a type of market research that producers conduct. Explain the kind of information this research provides.


- Demographic research: find out which age groups like your product best. The information that results from this research can be used to know at which people it's best to direct your selling efforts.
- Geographic research: find out at what locations your product is more in demand. Cities? Farmland? Near schools? New York? The information that results from this research can be used to determine the best places to go and try to sell your product.
Utility measures the preferences people have with respect to different goods and servies. Another way of putting this is that utility tells you how high people value certain goods and services, and how much satisfaction they get from consuming them. Utility differs between individuals because people have different preferences. Some may derive much utility/satisfaction from consuming coca cola, while others may derive more utility from consuming water.
Consumer behavior is simply determined by the utility people derive from the goods and services they consume. Knowledge of that utility explains what someone is likely to consume, as he or she will consume those products that provide him or her the most utility
- The market of a specific good or service is dominated by a small number of producers.
- In an oligopoly it is often harder for new producers to enter the market due to high barriers. These include technological barriers (the knowledge of producing is hard to understand/find (e.g. the airplane industry)), financial barriers (producing requires a lot of (starting) capital), patents, limited access to essential resources, or the fact that the costs of producing oligopoly-dominated products tends to decrease when production increases (this makes it hard for small new companies to enter the market).
- Is that people often stick to what they know. So increased competition may not be able to overcome that loyalty; the new producers would simply lose money and go bankrupt.
- Another reason might be that when you only have 3 or 4 competitors, you as a producer are more able to increase the price when you know all your competitors will do the same.
- A high rating means people will need less convincing by advertising that your product is worth consuming.
- I'm guessing it means that greater circulation of a particular product means people are more familiar with it and so less advertising is required in order to sell it.

What century is adventrues of huckleberry finn take place in?


Ittakes placewhen slavery was at its height in America

Originally, the electoral college did not account for _______.


Originally, the electoral college did not account forpolitical parties.
In the beginning, political parties were neglected by the electoral college, whereas PACs (political action committee), individuals, and lobbyists were represented by them. This is something that changed with the introduction of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.

Why do they call people with glasses four eyes?


Its a name bully's use when they are talking to kids with glasses. The eyes under the glasses make 2 eyes and the glasses add 2 more eyes. It's really mean to call someone with glasses.

What is the center section of a paper towel called?


Durder is what it is called

What do you call people who have wanderlust?


People who have wanderlust are people who want to travel really badly.

Which rocket did the launch? Which word in the sentence above I'd the direct object?

A. Which
B. They
C. Launch
D. Rocket



D. Rocket


A direct object is a noun or a pronoun that receives the action in the sentence; they can be identified by answering the “what?” or the “who?” questions.

In the given question, rocket is the direct object because it receives the action launch. Furthermore, we can also identify it as the direct object when we ask the question "What did they launch?" Answer: (Some kind of) rocket.


The word in the sentence that is the direct object is Rocket.


The direct object is a noun or noun group that is directly affected by the action of the subject, it can be easily identified because it answers the questions of who(m) or what, in the sentence Which rocket did they launch? The subject is they and the action of the subject is launch then the rocket is the one who receives the action.

The speaker talking about recycling said, "i took a beer bottle to the recycling center, but they wouldn't take it. they said: this is the pint of no return." what humorous verbal strategy did the speaker engage in?


The humorous verbal strategy that the speaker engaged in ispun.
Pun is a play on words, meaning that you change words a bit in order to create a humorous effect. Here, the saying is "a point of no return," but the speaker was talking about beer and wanted to be funny, which is why he said "a pint of no return."
Hyperbole is exaggeration. Malapropism is a wrong usage of a word, often unintentional. Spoonerism refers to the change of initial letters of words only to create a humorous effect.

Edgar allan poe literary movement cask of amontilado


Edgar Allen Poe was a poet of the romantic era. If that is your question, "The Cask of Amontillado" isromanticism

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