[Large Read] Six Paths Senjutsu, what it is, why Naruto didn't retain it & other points (2023)


Just like we seen in Chapter 572, the Bijuu gathered around Hagaromo, but now the Bijuu gathered around Naruto in the exact same way... I'll say again.
"You will always be together, even if you're separated. And one day, you will become one.
"Unlike when you were within me."
"When the time comes, for you to know what true power is."

All Hagaromo did was aid in piecing together the Chakras Naruto already possessed.
Naruto already had all the pieces of the puzzle, Hagaromo came and helped put them together.
Which gave rise to the awakening of Naruto's OWN, Six Paths Senjutsu, through his Six Paths Sage Mode / Six Paths Sage Chakra Mode.
Hagaromo DID NOT give him that power, he just aided him in awakening Powers Naruto already had all the pre-requisites for.

Hagaromo's Chakra & his Yin Seal and Yang Seal

The only thing Hagaromo DID give Naruto from Hagaromo's own power, was half of his Chakra in the form of the Six Paths Yang Seal, which contained Hagaromo's Yang Chakra. Which bestowed Naruto with incredible healing powers, as we seen.
In all likelihood, while not confirmed in anyway, the Yang Seal powered him up (in the way or raw stats/power of Chakra), but it's primary usage is for using the Six Paths Chibaku Tensei when combined with the Six Paths Yin Seal, which was given to Sasuke.

The first sequence in the image above in the last section, where all the Bijuu were surrounding Naruto and their names were called out, was Hagaromo helping Naruto awaken his own Six Paths Senjutsu.
While the second sequence below, where Naruto proceeds to connect his palm with Hagaromo's, was Hagaromo giving him the Yang half of his Chakra, contained within the Seal shown as a Circle marking.


(Video) Sage Mode Explained (Naruto)

Hopefully by now you either agree or at least see what I'm saying in regards to how Naruto gained his Six Paths Senjutsu.

Now, some people often state that Naruto and Sasuke are still powered up by Hagaromo's Chakra, in reference to the two halves that were given out, well into the future. Calling them "Six Paths Sasuke" or "Six Paths Naruto".
In that they believe the halves of Hagaromo's Chakra that was give to them was a permanent thing, and that the Chakra was only used in combination with the Yin/Yang Seals to Seal Kaguya, but it did not originate from the Seals themselves. I believe this to be incorrect.

The purpose of a Seal is to store something inside it. This is a principle set throughout the entire Manga. It was even shown that the Chakra is emanating from the Seals, in a completely different way to the rest of their body, indicating that the halves of Chakra Hagaromo gave them is inside the Seals, separate from the rest of their Chakra.

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And when they made physical contact with Kaguya using the Seals and the Yin Half & Yang Half of Hagaromo's Chakra contained within them, the Seals left Naruto & Sasuke and returned to Hagaromo.

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When the Seals returned to Hagaromo, he clapped his hands together and what happened? Six Paths: Chibaku Tensei, again going along with the idea of Yin(Uchiha)+Yang(Senju)=Rinnegan(Hagaromo).
But take note, it was only after the Seals returned to Hagaromo, and after Hagaromo himself had clapped his hands together, in usual Chibaku Tensei fashion, did the Six Paths Chibaku Tensei commence.

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It's as though Naruto & Sasuke carried the two halves of his Chakra, to place a signal marker on Kaguya, and create a link. Connecting Hagaromo's Chakra within Naruto & Sasuke's Seals that are now placed on Kaguya & the Chakra still within Hagaromo's Spirit. Then Hagaromo himself carried out the Six Paths: Chibaku Tensei.

(Video) What If Naruto Was Born With Six Paths Chakra?

In addition, it's clear the Seals didn't just place that link, but were also configured to "block" Kaguya's powers, seen by the way the Seals cover up her Rinne Sharingan.

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Hopefully it's clear to people now that the most likely scenario is that Naruto & Sasuke did not keep any kind of Hagaromo's Chakra after they Sealed Kaguya, only powers they could maintain on their own.

Just like how Sasuke awakening the Rinnegan is also a result of him receiving Hashirama's(Ashura) Chakra from Edo-Tensei Hashirama.

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And receiving Hashirama's DNA from Kabuto healing his stab wound.

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(Video) Sage Mode EXPLAINED!

Combined with his own already possessed Indra Chakra, which is the fundamental basis on how to awaken the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan was not simply given to him by Hagaromo; same as with Naruto's Six Paths Senjutsu.
Which is the reason he still retained his Rinnegan after Sealing Kaguya, not because he kept Hagaromo's Chakra (another claim some people make when supporting the idea that Hagaromo gave him the Rinnegan).

It was established multiple times in the Manga that is the power of Uchiha & Senju combined that gives rise to the Rinnegan, more specifically, the Chakra of Indra & Ashura in more recent chapters.
That exact process happened to Sasuke, yet people still claim that it was "given" to him by Hagaromo, no that is not the case.
Hagaromo may have aided in hastening the awakening of Sasuke's Rinnegan, but he did not GIVE Sasuke his Rinnegan. All Hagaromo GAVE Sasuke, was the Six Paths Yin Seal, which contained the Yin Half of Hagaromo's Chakra which he lost when he sealed Kaguya.

What I am somewhat curious about however is why Sasuke awakened a Tomoe-Rinnegan as opposed to Dual Rinnegan. Who knows, but my best guess is that is has something to do with the ratio of Ashura(Yang) & Indra(Yin Chakra).
It's possible Madara gained a more balanced combination of Indra & Ashura Chakra, a perfect replica of Hagaromo's Chakra. While Sasuke's Ashura & Indra Chakra was more aligned to the Yin side.
Since it is borderline confirmed that Sasuke did not gain Mokuton, in all likelihood, the amount of Hashirama's Tissue that is now apart of Sasuke, must be of a minimal amount when compared to the likes of Obito & Madara.
So yeah, I would say the most likely reason, based on everything else we know and have gone through in this thread so far, Sasuke awakened a single Tomoe-Rinnegan as opposed to Dual Rinnegan, was because of a higher Yin ratio over the Yang.
Also supporting that is the fact that the Sharingan is considered a, Yin based Doujutsu, while the Rinnegan is a Yin-Yang based Doujutsu. The fact he has 1 Rinnegan with 6 Tomoe's in, instead of two Rinnegan additionally supports the idea of a higher Yin ratio.

Naruto's lack of Sage Pigmentation

Another misconception made by people, is that they believe that the main indicator for determining if Naruto is using Six Paths Senjutsu is the lack of Sage Pigmentation.
Now before you get your panties in a twist because you're thinking, "IF NARUTO HAS NO SAGE PIGMENTATION, IT'S SIX PATHS SAGE MODE.", relax and allow me to explain.

Because Naruto lacked that pigmentation in those states we seen him use against JJ Madara, Kaguya & Sasuke (Six Paths Sage Mode & Six Paths Sage Chakra Mode), a common assumption to come to is that, when Naruto is using Six Paths Senjutsu, he no longer has the Sage Pigmentation around his eyes.
Since the only times we've ever seen Naruto using Six Paths Senjutsu, he has lacked the Sage Pigmentation, it made sense, and I agreed with this notion too at first.

However, later down the line, we see in the Naruto Gaiden & Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Naruto using a form that lacks the Sage Pigmentation just like his old Six Paths Sage Mode & Six Paths Sage Chakra Mode.


HOWEVER. That form has other significant indicators present that completely go against the idea of it being a form involving Six Paths Senjutsu.

For starters, it completely lacks the 9-Tomoe/Rinnegan Seal Markings that, as explained above, is the primary indicator as to whether one is using powerful Six Paths Senjutsu in combination with a Transformation or Chakra Mode.
It does not manifest any Gudoudama.
He also seems incapable of flight, where as all individuals using powerful enough Six Paths Senjutsu have been capable of flight.
And the Seal Pattern design for the Chakra Mode used in the Gaiden is almost exactly the same of the old Bijuu Mode Seal Pattern design, the ever so slight differences are simply due to a new outfit, but it largely is the same.

(Video) How Strong is Six Paths Obito?

4 Significant factors that go against the idea of that form of Naruto's involving Six Paths Senjutsu.
Here is an image comparison that backs up 3 of the 4 points. The 4th being the flight, which is generally backed up by his complete lack of flight in the Naruto Gaiden & Boruto: Naruto the Movie.


So then when you weigh up each sides evidence against each other. It stands to logical reason, you should go with the side that has a lot more backing it up.
Based on those factors listed above, and information covered in the entire topic I've been writing about so far, you should conclude that the Chakra Mode used in the Gaiden must be a form of BSM, similar to what Naruto used against JJ Obito, except a version of BSM that lacks the Sage Pigmentation for some seemingly unknown reason.
So now, the logical thing to do is attempt to discover the reason WHY... why if the Gaiden/Boruto Movie Chakra Mode does not involve Six Paths Senjutsu, does it lack the Sage Pigmentation?

I thought about many different reasons over and over, but in the end, I concluded there was one idea that stood out as the most likely. The difference in how the Senjutsu is being managed.

In Six Paths Sage Mode & Six Paths Sage Chakra Mode (the Naruto that fought JJ Madara/Kaguya/Sasuke), Naruto lacked the Sage Pigmentation, as we all know.
We also know that in the future, based on the Seal Pattern Design and the lack of the 9 Tomoe/Rinnegan Seal Markings (the lack of Gudoudama & flight also being more indicators), strongly suggests that Naruto is using BSM, yet it lacks the Sage Pigmentation.
So why, does it lack the Sage Pigmentation? As I said, the most likely idea is that of how the Senjutsu is being managed.

Against Sasuke, we seen that it was Kurama, not Naruto, who was gathering Natural Energy, and was responsible for the creation of Sage Chakra.


(Video) Naruto Returns to Battle for the First Time since losing Kurama

Back when he was fighting JJ Obito, we seen that it was Naruto who gathered the Natural Energy to create Sage Chakra, not Kurama.



Why didn't Naruto keep six paths powers? ›

After Sasuke and Naruto sealed away Kaguya, Naruto lost his Sage Of the Six Paths powers (SOSP). This is most likely because Hagoromo gave Naruto and Sasuke powers to defeat Madara or basically Kaguya. That is most likely the reason Naruto lost his SOSP powers.

Does Naruto still have six paths Senjutsu after losing Kurama? ›

To answer your question, Naruto still has Six Paths Sage Mode after the death of Kurama, but he can no longer generate Truth-Seeking Orbs as he did in Naruto Shippuden.

Why did Naruto did not use six paths Sage Mode? ›

Sage mode is all about natural energy and the moon has no nature, so Naruto can't connect with all the Tailed Beasts. That's why he can't go into the Six Paths Sage Mode.

Did Naruto keep six paths Sage Mode? ›

The movies that followed Naruto Shippuden made it even more ambiguous, however, thanks to Boruto, fans now know that Naruto Uzumaki does indeed have the Six Paths Sage Mode, as seen when he used multiple Tailed Beasts' Chakra against Delta, and even managed to fly in several of his fights.

What is Naruto strongest form? ›

1 Baryon Mode

Baryon Mode powered Naruto Uzumaki up to great levels, and made him strong enough to overpower Isshiki Otsutsuki in battle. This transformation made him the strongest character in the story, and is Naruto's strongest form by far.

Can Naruto use other Tailed Beasts? ›

Although Naruto lost Kurama, he still has access to the powers of the other Tailed Beasts. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he received a portion of the chakra of every Tailed Beast and has utilized this power to a great degree in all his fights since.

What is Naruto new power after Kurama death? ›

Now that he is without Kurama, Naruto has reason to further develop his Sage Modes, mastering an even higher level of Senjutsu than he originally thought possible. With Sage Mode granting him access to all five chakra natures, his ability to learn new types of jutsu is essentially infinite.

How much strong is Naruto without Kurama? ›

Naruto can't rely on Kurama's power anymore, which means power-ups such as the chakra cloaks, the Nine-Tails chakra mode, and his Kurama Mode aren't accessible to him anymore. According to Amado, Naruto can't take on the likes of Code in battle and expect to win given his current state, which makes sense.

Will Naruto Sage Mode get stronger after losing Kurama? ›

After losing Kurama, Naruto needs to train in the Sage Mode arts once again and by doing so, improve its usage. An improved Sage Mode could help him get much stronger and possibly even take on an Otsutsuki once again, despite not having the power of Kurama anymore.

Why does Naruto use six paths Sage Mode? ›

Upon returning to consciousness, Naruto had gained the incredible ability of the Six Paths Sage Mode. To put it simply, the Six Paths Sage Mode is a power that Hagoromo Otsutsuki gifted to him for having a strong will and the guts to never give up.

Is Rinnegan stronger than Sage Mode? ›

10 Stronger: Rinnegan - It Grants The User Abilitie Similar To Six Paths Sage Mode. The Rinnegan is one of the strongest dojutsu in the Naruto world, if not the strongest.

Does Naruto have a new sage mode? ›

It's not a different Sage Mode, but a different application of Sage Mode. The transformation isn't different, but the way he is able to detect the natural energy and his son's chakra is merely a different use of the Sage Mode.

Can Naruto use 6 paths mode without Kurama? ›

Although Naruto usually uses the Six Paths' Sage Mode along with the Kurama Chakra Mode, there is no reason he cannot use it without Kurama's strength. In fact, Naruto can still use the basic Sage Mode, which is enough for him to take down a roster of enemies.

Will Naruto unlock a new power? ›

Despite all of his efforts, Naruto will ultimately end up becoming the new Sage of the Six Paths, stopping his son and bringing a new era to the Shinobi World. He will be able to obtain power far greater than anything he had before, becoming not only the protector of Konoha, but also the entire human race.

Did Naruto get new powers? ›

Immediately after the Fourth Great Ninja War ended, Naruto Uzumaki got access to the other half of Kurama that was sealed by Sasuke Uchiha within one of his Chibaku Tensei. With just half of Kurama's power, Naruto was able to match Sasuke in combat, and with the other half, his powers grew significantly.

Who can defeat Naruto baryon mode? ›

Naruto: 5 Characters Capable Of Defeating Baryon Mode Naruto (& 5 Who Would Fail)
  • 4 Could Defeat: Otsutsuki Leader.
  • 5 Would Fail: Kinshiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 6 Could Defeat: Isshiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 7 Would Fail: Momoshiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 8 Could Defeat: Kaguya Otsutsuki. ...
  • 9 Would Fail: Sasuke Uchiha. ...
  • 10 Could Defeat: Hagoromo Otsutsuki. ...
Dec 22, 2020

Is Sage Mode stronger than baryon mode? ›

6 Reflexes Better Than Six Paths Sage Mode

With Baryon Mode, however, Naruto could not only dodge the rods but also catch them as if they were an insignificant threat to him, which just goes to show that Baryon Mode is that much more powerful than Six Paths Sage Mode.

What is Naruto latest form? ›

That plan ended up being Naruto's new form, Baryon Mode. Baryon Mode involves Naruto and Kurama's chakra coming together to create new kernels of power, a process that Kurama likens to nuclear fusion.

Can Naruto use chakra from all Tailed Beasts? ›

Since he has the chakra of all the Tailed beasts inside him, Naruto is able to use Jutsu of any chakra nature, including the Kekkei Genkai (Lava style, Steam Style, etc.).

How many beast does Naruto have? ›

The bijuu or Tailed Beasts in Naruto are nine (10 if the Ten-Tails counts) massive beasts bound to their hosts (dubbed Jinchūriki). They contain unimaginable power but are sentient beings with thoughts and opinions of their own.

Can Naruto still use Baryon mode without Kurama? ›

Can Naruto use baryon mode after losing Kurama? No, he could not. The whole process of Baryon Mode is combining chakra in a process comparable to. Essentially, Naruto and Kurama's chakra are both getting massively consumed and eaten away at to provide energy for the transformation.

Who is the strongest after Kurama death? ›

Boruto: 10 Best Konoha Shinobi (After Naruto Lost Kurama)
  1. 1 Naruto Uzumaki Still Remains To Be Konoha's Strongest Ninja.
  2. 2 Sasuke Uchiha Is Still A Powerhouse After Losing His Rinnegan. ...
  3. 3 Rock Lee Is A Master Of The Eight Inner Gates. ...
  4. 4 Sakura Haruno Is The Strongest Kunoichi In The World. ...
Aug 17, 2021

Does Kurama gets revived? ›

No, sadly, he won't come back. Tailed Beasts are basically made of chakra, so when they're killed, they return to chakra and will be revived soon. However, Baryon mode consumes Kurama's chakra until he die, so there's no chakra left in him, that means he can't be revived anymore.

What new powers will Naruto have without Kurama? ›

Without Kurama, he has the ability to develop his skills even further. With Sage Mode, he gets access to all his five chakras. And he can learn infinite jutsu. He also has access to all the tailed beasts.

Is Naruto weaker than Boruto without Kurama? ›

Without the power of Kurama, Naruto Uzumaki stands absolutely no chance against him in combat.

Is Naruto still Hokage level without Kurama? ›

Even after losing Kurama, he is still the strongest shinobi in history. He has Sage of the Six Paths chakra, all the other tailed beasts' chakra and Sage mode. He has more chakra than a tailed beast since he's an Uzumaki. Many people think Naruto became absolutely weaker after losing Kurama but they're dead wrong.

Can Naruto still use the other tailed beasts after Kurama death? ›

No, sadly, he won't come back. Tailed Beasts are basically made of chakra, so when they're killed, they return to chakra and will be revived soon. However, Baryon mode consumes Kurama's chakra until he die, so there's no chakra left in him, that means he can't be revived anymore.

Can Sage of Six Paths revive Kurama? ›

Can Kurama come back to life again? No, sadly, he won't come back. Tailed Beasts are basically made of chakra, so when they're killed, they return to chakra and will be revived soon. However, Baryon mode consumes Kurama's chakra until he die, so there's no chakra left in him, that means he can't be revived anymore.

Is Sasuke a Sage of Six Paths? ›

Just like Naruto, Sasuke also ended up receiving Six Paths powers from Hagoromo Otsutsuki after a near-death encounter. Unlike Naruto, he ended up receiving the Six Paths Yin power, marked by the crescent moon on his left hand. The Six Paths powers led to him awakening the Rinnegan in his left eye.

Can Minato use Six Paths Sage Mode? ›

After he was reanimated by Orochimaru, it was revealed that Minato was also able to use the perfect Sage Mode. However, he voluntarily avoided using it as he tended to end his fights in a very short time when he did so.

Who was the first Sage of Six Paths? ›

Hagoromo Otsutsuki aka the Sage of Six Paths was a legendary god-like shinobi. He was also the first Jinchuriki for the Ten-Tails. He wanted peace in the world and spread his wisdom to others around him. He is a very wise man who was able to bring great change to the world, during his time alive.

Who is the most skilled Rinnegan user? ›

1 Hagoromo Otsutsuki

The Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki was certainly the strongest of all the Rinnegan users in Naruto. Unlike the other Rinnegan which are Kekkei Genkai, his was considered to be a Kekkei Mora, meaning its powers surpassed a regular Rinnegan.

Who was the weakest Rinnegan user? ›

10 Black Zetsu

As expected, his skill with the Rinnegan is very limited, and he doesn't do much other than controlling Obito's body. As such, it's not surprising to see Black Zetsu at the bottom of this list, making him the weakest user of this godly eye in the entire series.

Is there any eye stronger than Rinnegan? ›

The Rinne-Sharingan is the most powerful known eye in the entire Narutoverse. It s wielded by the Ten-tails, and the progenitor of chakra on Earth, Kaguya Otsutsuki. The Rinne-Sharingan has nearly all the powers of the Rinnegan, along with the ability to cast powerful Genjutsu known as Infinite Tsukuyomi.

What is ultimate sage mode? ›

Sage Mode is a special state in the world of Naruto that allows a user to absorb chakra from nature, known as Senjutsu chakra, and make it their own strength. By entering this heightened state, all the physical attributes of the user are boosted by quite a margin, putting them in a league of their own.

Can Naruto use wood style? ›

Can Naruto use Wood Release Jutsu? Theoritically, yes. Naruto is yet to demonstrate that he is capable of using Wood Style Jutsu. His arm was repaired using Harshirama's cells after the last confrontation with Sasuke, so technically he might be able to use it.

Can Boruto enter Sage Mode? ›

Keeping that in mind, it isn't too hard to see that Boruto can eventually learn the Sage Mode as well. He certainly does have all the prerequisites for this technique and only needs to train hard to pull it off.

Does Sasuke still have six paths power after losing rinnegan? ›

He still has the powers. It's seen in his eyes: it's a cross of the toad's horizontal pupil and the vertical fox pupil while there's no orange area to indicate that it's sage mode, meaning it's 6 paths powers.

Does Sasuke still have six paths Senjutsu? ›

no sasuke doesn't have six paths senjutsu, that is only unique to hagoromo and any 10 tails jinchuriki(kaguya included). as for sasuke he only has the six paths chakra which by the way doesn't and can't work as any form of senjutsu.

Can Naruto still use six paths in Boruto without Kurama? ›

Can Naruto use Six Paths Sage Mode without Kurama in Boruto? No, he cannot. Naruto needs all 9 tailed beast in order for him to even have the jutsu in the first place. So, no he cannot.


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