What Does The Lord Of The Flies Tell Simon He Should Do? (2023)

English High School


Answer 1

The beast, taking the form of the decapitated pigs head covered in flies comes to simon in a hallucinatory dream and calls itself the lord of the flies. it says to him basically that the beast is inside of him, just like everybody else, not something outside that he can hunt and kill.

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What does holden admire about edgar marsala?


In "The Catcher in The Rye" by J.D. Salinger holden Caulfield admires Edgar Marsala because he seems to be easy going and care little about whats happening and the state of the world. Holden is tired of the uptightness in his home life and seeking a escape from the structure society he finds himself in.

What conclusions did maragret meade’s anthropological work provide on the topic of gender differences?


Margaret Meade mostly worked with indigenous populations to study their sexual dynamics. She worked a a lot with the Somoan people and one conclusion she made that has gained controversy was that Somoan children and teenagers were free to explore sexually while other anthropologist claim this is not true. She also highlighted some tribe that had a female dominant social structure.

What caused the storm in the perfect storm movie?


#1) What caused the storm in the perfect storm movie?
Answer: cold air from Canada was oozing south and combined with a cold front arriving from the west to move through the northern states. At the same time, a huge high-pressure system was building over southeast Canada. And Hurricane Grace, a large tropical system that originated near Bermuda. All of this systems merged together forming the perfect storm.

The1991 Perfect Storm, also known as theThe No-Name Storm(especially in the years immediately after it took place) and the Halloween Gale, was anor'easterthat absorbedHurricane Graceand ultimately evolved back into a small unnamedhurricanelate in its life cycle. The initialarea of low pressuredeveloped offAtlantic Canadaon October 29. Forced southward by aridgeto its north, it reached its peak intensity as a large and powerfulcyclone. The storm lashed the east coast of the United States with high waves and coastal flooding before turning to the southwest and weakening. Moving over warmer waters, the system transitioned into asubtropical cyclonebefore becoming a tropical storm. It executed a loop off theMid-Atlantic statesand turned toward the northeast. On November 1 the system evolved into a full-fledged hurricane with peak winds of 75 miles per hour (120km/h), although theNational Hurricane Centerleft it unnamed to avoid confusion amid media interest in the predecessor extratropical storm. It later received the name "the Perfect Storm" (playing off thecommon expression) after a conversation between BostonNational Weather ServiceforecasterRobert Caseand authorSebastian Junger. The system was the fourth hurricane and final tropical cyclone in the1991 Atlantic hurricane season. The tropical system weakened, striking Nova Scotia as a tropical storm before dissipating.

Information found on the Internet is the most accurate information because it can be updated easily. True of false


False. Although it can be updated easily anyone could upload fake information.

This is a hard question because, it depends on where you go. But because the question said MOST accurate and you can check the date of when books were published I am going to say false.

MULTIPLE CHOICE!!! Debbie is writing a paper about author John Steinbeck. What must she do regardless of whether she quotes or paraphrases the evidence from her primary and secondary sources? A. She should provide context for the evidence and explain how it’s connected to the claim.

B. She should ask readers to refer to the sources for more information about the topic.

C. She should include all sources in her bibliography and use in-text citations to reference them in her paper.

D. She should set the evidence cited apart by using separate lines or quotation marks.

E. She should provide footnotes with additional information to further support the evidence.



A. She should provide context for the evidence and explain how it’s connected to the claim.

C. She should include all sources in her bibliography and use in-text citations to reference them in her paper.


These are the two things that Debbie must do if she is writing an essay on Steinbeck. Debbie should always provide context for the evidence and explain how this is connected to the claim. This ensures that the reader understands how each item in the essay works with the rest. She should also provide proper citations and references, both in-text and in her bibliography.


What are shirley jackson techniques in her stories?


Shirley Jackson is known for her short stories (The Lottery being the most famous one). She uses various literary techniques such as symbolism (in the characters names, names of places, titles etc), foreshadowing (a hint on the future events), dramatic irony (like making the lottery something negative),denouement (where everything comes together for the culmination).

To turn your households rancor to pure love meaning


This is a line from Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is talking with Friar Lawrence about his love to Juliet. Friar Lawrence agrees to help Romeo and marry himandJuliet saying he wants to help '' turn their households' rancor into pure love''. He is talking about the ongoing feud between the Capulets (Juliet's family) and the Montagues (Romeo's family).

_____ refers to the way a television show looks and sounds


Hey there!

Graphics are the answer!

Hope I was able to help!

The answer to the question above is aesthetics. Hope i could help.

HELP PLEASE!! 10POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each of the larger metal asteroids (10) more iron than has been mined in the entire history of human kind.

Look at the blank with the number (10) in the passage. Which of these answers correctly completes the sentence?

Question 12 options:



♦did contain

♦have contained



b) contains, im a little late huh


How did mr. utterson know that dr. jekyll was lying about the letter?


In "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson Ms. utterson discovered that the Dr. Jekyll i saying because he asks Poole about the letter, and poole confesses that there never was a letter delivered to the house.

How did grand island,nebraska get it's name?


The name comes from French because the French traders who used to visit that place even before the German-American settlers and they used to call it Le Grande Isle because of how it was related to rivers around it. The city was originally called in English the Grand Island Station, but it got shorter eventually because of common usage as just the Grand Island.

How did daisy flower got its name a story?


Theflower namecomes from the Old English word dægeseage, which means "Eye of the Day." In french Daisy is a nickname forMargaretsince the french oxeye daisy wasfirst called a Margaret. Hope this helps, it's not really a story.

Different types of sociolocial perspective


The three main types of perspective in sociology are: (1) The symbolic interactionist perspective, which directs sociologists to look ad symbols and everyday life to discover deeper meanings about interactions; (2) The functionalist perspective, which says that all aspects of society are interdependant and depend upon one another towards the overall functioning of the societal system; and (3) The Conflict Perspective, which focusses on the stuggles, inequality and conflicts within society.

Describe the difference between weak-sense and strong-sense critical thinkers


Weak-sense critical thinkers in an opposing argument but often times do not find the merits of that argument. strong-sense critical thinkers are able to weigh both side of an argument able to be open to the merits in an opposing argument as well as being able to admit flaws in their own argument.

Couter intelligence of the lashkar-e-taiba?


Lashkar-e-taiba is a islamic militant organization based in pakistan and founded in 1990 byHafiz Mohammed Saeed.The organization was present in the resistance against soviet forces inAfghanistan but has mostly focuses on the fight betweenumma and kashmir,

It has been so unbearably hot here in the desert that some of the troops have begun to desert. The sentence above contains a set of A.antonyms. B.synonyms. C.homonyms. D.heteronyms.


"in the desert" and "begun to desert" are both spelt identically but have different meanings- so D. heteronyms

Answer: D. heteronyms


Heteronyms are words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings so desert is pronounced in two different ways it's a heteronyms. trust me it was on my quiz and it was right:)

Why might human and sheep brains be similar?


The brains are very similar insofar that they function in almost the same way when it comes to controlling physical aspects of our existence. Our brains regulate our organs and our body parts just like a sheep's brain. The difference is that ours can also do things like write and create while a sheep cannot write and create things like music or art.

Same structures in the Sheep and Human brain that develop the same functions, we also have the same cerebellum which controls the exact same thing as a sheep's.
I hope this helped!!! :)

Why does the conch change colors in lord of the flies?


It changes color because they took it from its natural habitat and uncared for by the boys.Hope this helps! ;D

Why does helena think that lysander is making fun of her?


After being rejected by Demetrius she over hears Lysander's declaration of love for her but thinks that it is in insult adding salt to the wound. her emotional attachment too Demetrius prevents her from seeing the romance available to her in the handsome Lysander.

Why does gatsby want daisy to see his house?'?


The same reason any heteroman wants a Woman to come to his house....so he can bed her! In the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Gatsby wants her to come to his house mostly under the guise to show her his possessions. It also gives the author an opportunity to introduce us to the scene where their affair will be taking place throughout the book.

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